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July 24, 2013


Alaska police get numerous calls about Estonian salesmen

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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I saw Estonian Salesmen open for The Blues Brothers.

"And this is an unsuccessful encyclopedia salesman ..."

I suspect that we purchased a two-volume set and some CD lessons from the same folks. Much of their sales force -- or at least the sales force that comes to our neighborhood -- is from overseas.

Their books are good for quick lookups at home for school assignments. Their yearbook update isn't particularly useful. The CD courses were never looked at by our kids, although one rent-a-kid used a couple of them to advance his learning.

Encyclopedia salesman? Can you say google.

It appears my comment was blocked regarding the earlier Weiner blog post. And rightfully so.

So, my censored Weiner comment has mysteriously been recreated here:

There is simply not enough shame to make this guy just go away

I found a picture of one of them


Apparently, there is not enough shame to make his wife dump his cheatin' pervy arse, either. I did love how Cubicle Guy upstaged their presser, though.

They need a fence. I mean, they can practically see Estonia from their backyards. You gotta find a way to keep 'em out.

Okay. So what we learn from this is that Fairbanks and at the North Pole they don't have the internet (or Google), but they do have foreign encyclopedia salesmen.

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