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July 17, 2013


Dispute over vomit cleanup spurs alleged hammer attack by carnival worker

(Thanks to F. Hudson, who says, "And then ironically, Pile of Vomit opened for Hammer Attack at the Fair on Saturday night." Also thanks to oneblankspace.)


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I believe Vomit Cleanup opened for Flesh-Eating Maggots.

I'm really surprised at this. Usually carnival employees are drawn from the higher ranks of society. Harvard grads, ex-Senators, members of the Clergy. Like that.

i'm afraid 'nailing Jesus with a hammer' will get Old Man Richard a one-way ticket for the carnival hand basket to hell

Dang. His career down the drain after one moment of temper.

"...and give up show business?"

We should pause and admire the achievement of being referred to as "Richard “Old Man Richard” Wareham, 49" in a news story. Few have accomplished that.
Walk tall, Old Man.

And while we're at it, what the hell are "vomit cleanup spurs"?

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