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July 15, 2013


Nearly 1 Out Of 10 Americans Use Smartphones During Sex

(Thanks to Ralph)


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What on earth is wrong with these gen-x'ers? When I read the headline I assumed it was while having sex with oneself, for, um, "inspiration." Mrs. Layzee would slap me in the head if she even thought I was trying sneak a peek at SportsCenter on the TV.

I agree with Layzeeboy, what is wrong with kids these days? I would never use a phone during sex, too much chance of getting hot fudge sauce all over the phone.

The shocking part is that eight or nine out of 10 actually put their phones down.

If your phone smarts during sex, you're doing it wrong.

Do they insert it or...?

II saw a similar headline in one of the British tabloids saying it was more than 20% over there.

Can you hear me now?

I assume they all have a Friends and Family Plan.

I'm only the 8th poster here, so I assume we're going zero for eight. Who will be lucky number 10?

Can you hear me now?

I blame Paris Hilton.

I'm posting this from my smartphone while having wild monkey sex at breakfast stuck at a red light.

They must not be able to think of anyone, either.
(Credit R. Dangerfield).

It's the ones who use dumb phones that I worry about.

Gawd, I hope it's not one of those farting apps!

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