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July 19, 2013


New Study Shows Plants Talk to Each Other Through the Soil

(Thanks to Tash)


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pictured: plant on right to plant on left - "Curses, soiled again!"

*snork* at ligirl.

"You're lookin' mighty fertile, Baby."

Ah, an underground network.

Here come the vegetarians! Run!

Dude, what?

I said run! Oh, wait. Okay, plan B.

From Doonsebury, more than 30 years ago...

Two plants, talking in Zonker's greenhouse:

"I've had it with being a bush, I want to be a tree!"

"Forget it, dude. You're just a little sub-shrub."

I'd better get growing....

Hey babe, your stigma has my anther blasting pollen all over the place.

Chatty plants?

They do qualify for drivers' licenses. They frequently sweat and flip each other the frond.

"Talk dirty to me."

What's the equivalent to "wanna party?" in plant language? "Wanna share my dirt?"

A Fungus You can Grow To Like (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Plants talk to each other through dirt:
“You’re in danger!” through fungi, they blurt.
“Use your genes to resist
A disease in your midst,
And render this danger inert.

A Fungus You can Grow To Like

Will the NSA now demand soil monitoring capability?

Well, for peat's sake.

There once was a plant in love
With a tree that was far above...
She would wiggle and squirm,
But his affection could not earn,
So she settled for a nearby dove.

And the NSA has all their cell phone records.

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