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July 06, 2013


From nursecindy:

We have had a lot of rain here in N.C.  Unfortunately no one told my daughter's neighbor that the ground gets soggy when it rains.  He left his truck in a field near her house overnight.  The next day it was stuck up to its axles so he called a friend, who also got stuck.  Thinking the third time would be the charm, they called another friend, who also got stuck.  They called yet another friend, and he got stuck too.  Finally they called a friend with a tractor.  When this picture was taken by my daughter, they had freed one of the trucks.



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NC, did you get video of the "mayhem"?


This is wonderful humor in action.
They must have all been single.
Can you guess why?

I guess they'll have to wait until winter for the bog to freeze over before they can pull 'em out. Oh, wait.

Got lucky there, last time something like this happened at the neighbors' his tractor got stuck and they were lucky the guy down the road had his skidder at home. Of course being more experienced sensible in these parts we know to use a straight forward progression of truck=>tractor=>heavy equipment=>build road across field.

When I was in school, I worked weekends guarding some very expensive heavy machinery. Imagine my surprise when I spotted two guys walking toward me, covered in mud. The first words out of one of them was "Sorry about your bulldozer!".

Turns out that DrainBamaged and his Uncle Doofus were ridin' (Gotta say "ridin!") a 4x4 out on a mudflat when the weight of their truck, due to the laws of physics, broke through the crust of the drying mud and buried the thing up to the axles.

Being a heavy equipment yard, anyone in the company would have been glad to pull them out, all they had to do was ask.

They didn't ask.

Instead, Uncle Doofus spotted our brand-new D-8 Caterpillar bulldozer, and realized had had a key for it, since they are all keyed alike. (Honestly, this guy must have been a rocket scientist in a past life).

Without further ado, he drove the three-day old bulldozer straight across the mudflat, headed towards his beloved truck.

Yes, you can guess the rest. If the mud couldn't support the weight of a 15,000 pound pickup truck, there was very little possibility that it could somehow support an 80,000 pound bulldozer.

He sank it in the mud up to the top of the cab. I'm amazed he didn't suffocate climbing off of it.

The company ended up billing him for the cost of the crew to dig their equipment out, the rental of another bulldozer to recover the muddy one, and a complete overhaul of the engine, since intake systems don't do well in mud.

The final cost of the 'rescue' was somewhere over $15,000, and it wasn't paid by my employer...

Whole lotta "hold ma beer" going around?

What I didn't mention was he originally pulled his truck on the field so he could shoot off some illegal fireworks he bought in South Carolina. Fireworks are illegal in North Carolina.

Dang. I was hoping for "sped-up" video with Yackety Sax playing.


Wait a minute -- nursecindy and PirateBoy are the SAME PERSON???

Digger, Noooooooooo!

I am actually in NC today. My grandkids, five of them, are up from Alabama to the Northern end of Lake Chatuge for a visit. It has been raining almost constantly but they ran out and jumped in the lake anyway and stayed as long as there was no thunder. When the rain let up I towed them around the cove on a tube. At about 9pm on the 4th, I shot off my illegal fireworks right in front of the house. Most of our neighbors did too. Some of them were professional grade. BTW, you can buy some fireworks in NC, Nurse Cindy. I got an assortment at Ingles, fountains that spew all kinds of sparks and sometimes little exploding things.

That's true Ken. But if you want the good ones that make a lot of noise you have to go to S.C. Years ago one of my friends lived in the perfect house in N.C. Her front yard was in N.C. but her backyard was in S.C. The state line ran right through the middle of her home. We would go out her front door to buy fireworks but were always careful to take them through the back door when we got back. As long as we shot the fireworks off in her backyard we were fine. But the police told us if we shot them off in the front yard we could be arrested. Good times.

Thanks for the memories nursecindy. This is major Cultural dejavu
We Jawjans had to drive 15 miles to the lawless hills of Alabama for our blackcats, bottle rockets, roman candles and M80s
Thank the Good Lord that our little gang managed to keep our fingers and noses intact after evenings with M-80s.

Gee I wonder what Joe in Japan meant by those guys must have been single.

Digger: No!

I lack her, um "equipment" and I'm confident to say that she lacks mine.

No offense, NC, but there can be only one PirateBoy.

Ho Ho
well then, Ill tell you why they must have been single

The reason the guys couldnt get their trucks out of the mud was because there were no winches

Note cultural icon of the use of the word winch below


Loved the mud truck and bulldozer story by the way

So, what happened after the tide came in?

It's raining again in Clay County, NC--Hard!! No fireworks at this point.

Check out Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans


Truck Got Stuck


Corb's other stuff is really good -- he has a way with words and knows his history.

Good Morning, Ms. Cindy. I'm from ESPN, and we'd like to license your reality show concept, "Fools in the Mud". We think we can get Alton Brown to host.

When I was shopping for my truck, the salesman noted the recovery hooks.

"Why would you need recovery hooks for a truck?" my wife asked.
She didn't believe me when I said the truck was in a twelve step program.

A neighbor asked if my truck had a winch and thankfully didn't pass along my comment "I think ___ prefers to be called my wife."

I saw this happen with a tractor while we were widening a road. They tried to use a Caterpillar tractor to pull the Ford tractor out, and got the Caterpillar stuck as well. So they hitched a second Caterpillar to the first one, and ended up nearly sinking the Ford and pulling the first Cat up on two wheels while bogging down the second Cat. At this point, the boss yelled "Everybody go home. See ya tomorrow," and we gave up and let the mud dry overnight. Sometimes that's all you CAN do.

We went through the winter version last December in Sweden when my son's 80-year-old father-in-law put the Volvo in a ditch. The progression was Volvo; 4x4 Toyota pickup; TATRA tractor; sumnkinda bulldozer. He insisted on driving because of his experience.

Reminds me of a Dave Barry story I read once.

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