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July 17, 2013


Quebec mayor forced to apologize for saying how much he enjoys killing kittens with his car

This has been The News From Canada.

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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So...he aspires to be the Howard Stern of Canada.

Way to think big, dude.

The really bad part is when he covers the kittens with cheese curds and gravy.

"I gave him my baby to kiss, and he bit it! In the head!"

He has some competition. Tuxedo Stan, who ran for mayor of Halifax (N.S.), is running for mayor of Huntingdon.

'i can has ur political career?'

and they say that canadians are NICE? sacre bleu.

That's really strange.
I do the same thing when a Canadian Mayor crosses in front of me.

I love it! Great to see a politician with a sense of humor.

He probably said it in French and figured nobody who understood French would be offended.

There's more than one way to skin a cat

There's a sad human being.

It's a good thing he doesn't have access to a blender, or he'd be talking about kitty smoothies.

Well the reason cats have tails is to make it easier to lower them into a blender...

*smacks* Ernie G & Alert Reader -
you guys jes like to eat pussy

Also *SMACKS* Ernie and Alert Reader. Add Poker to that *SMACK* too.
I bet he kicks puppies too. String him up!

I hear he likes to drown kittens as well. Got three the other day. Un, deux, trois cat sank

Killing Kittens with a Car could be a disturbing ditty.

Plinking poodles in the park?

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