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July 24, 2013


Morillo sparked an international rescue operation late Monday when he loaded up on about eight beers then jumped in the river and swam to Detroit, just to prove he could do it.

Stay thrsty, my friend.

(Thanks to Jeff Renner and Jay Brandes)


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Ladies, I think he's single!

Morillo admitted he’s “really stupid”

Well, of course he is. He wanted to go to Detroit on purpose.

He was so intoxicated he failed to notice the heavy traffic going the other way.

When someone swims north from Mexico into the US it's not news, but when someone swims north from Canada into the US it's an international headline. (Look at a map.)

His big mistake was trying to swim back; he could have reported to US Customs and gotten kicked out overland for not carrying his passport. They ought to make those things waterproof.

Hold my beer and watch this!

Hey, the guy made it to Detroit and back so he couldn't have been that drunk. That stupid, yes.

Eight beers would not even scratch the surface of what it would take to get me to go back to Detroit in a nice car, let alone by swimming.

The real feat wasn't the swimming. It was getting into and out of Detroit without getting shot. For that, the Detroit Chamber of Commerce should pay all of his fines and feature him in their ads. He could replace Eminem in new Chrysler ads.

I in no way mean to be disrespectful or misandrist, but the curiosity is killing me. When I read these stories, I wonder, "Why are the dinosaurs extinct and not men?"

"He jumped in the river near Hiram Walker and swam to the Renaissance Center."

Substitute "near" for "full of" and that explains everything.

Whadda you mean, Minx? When I think of all the times I should have died and the times I was about to walk into a business and thought, "I'm gonna live or die. Let's find out which it is."
OK, point conceded.

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