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July 03, 2013


The Trooper, after inspecting the car – there was fur embedded in the broken glass – concluded that Clement had hit a bear. The LVPA, after inspecting Clement, concluded he was not going to be making pancakes for the yoga retreaters. They packed him up and brought him to Albany Medical Center. While Clement’s head was being examined, Troopers made a more thorough search of the accident scene. Who knows? It was near enough to the race track that it was worth checking to see if maybe a race fan had stopped a Jetta in its tracks. Some race fans are pretty hefty, some rather furry. Better to be safe. A few yards past the highway’s shoulder a sad discovery was made. A moose, and not a dead moose, but a moose with severe injuries. The Trooper decided the moseying days of the moose were over and kindly dispatched the animal.

(Thanks to Nelson Furlano)


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I saw Loose Moose open for John Denver back in 1975. Or I least I think I did. Colorado was pretty high.

"What about mine. I responded."
"Doris, you got there too late. Here's your share."
"A paw? That's it, a freaking paw?!"

We complain about modern journalism, but that was pretty good.

A moose once bit my sister.

I read this story to the Elkhound who's staying with us, but she seemed unimpressed.

Hit 'em with a car? Where's the fun in that? You're supposed to chase 'em for miles and miles through the frozen wastes and then bite 'em. Everybody knows that.

"It had to have been bigger, either that or 'or a squirrel with a rocket launcher....'"

It was Bullwinkle this time, but Rocky is now out for revenge.

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