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July 05, 2013


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Fargo Crime Report.

(Thanks to F. Hudson)


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So a guy named Wiener shoplifted an artifical vagina?

I see no problem with that story. It's April 1, right?

Next, he's going to run for mayor of New York.

The report failed to mention who owned the plastic injection blow molding machine? To stop production of the rubber feet used for action figure toys? And move on up to making rubber vagina's? What kind of reporting is that I ask? The people of Fargo deserve better.

Tragic. Free sex toys are everyone's human right. Vote for me in November.

Somewhat off topic, but too good to pass up:

A Tulsa homeowner hogties a wannabe burglar and leaves him in the front yard for police to pick up, then goes to work.

Just takin' out the trash...

I wonder if he knows that you can buy toys like that, and many others, off certain internet sites. Or so I've heard. A friend told me.
Spiny Norman, I saw that yesterday (thanks to Jeff Meyerson) and I loved it!

in other news :

Sonya Thomas, of Alexandria, Va., defended her title in the women’s division of the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest Thursday.

She's a Varginian.
And she ate the most weiners.

that is all

As long as he didn't tweet a photo of it to hundreds of people, he can probably still run for mayor.

For some men it is a point of pride not to pay for it, even in the plastic form.


I Saw that today on TV AWESOME!

I don't think Romantix is a great name for a porn store


Damnit. I checked to see if Dave had already posted it and didn't see it.


Christopher Weiner stole a vageena

Dave Barry posted my story to his blog - I can now die happy. In spite of the fact that no man with the name Peter, Dick or Lance will ever speak to me again. Or with the last name Johnson.

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