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July 24, 2013


Giant mouse found in Tesco store was by sent by God as punishment for supporting gay rights

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I had no idea mice were religious.
Opinions on what religion they belong to are welcome.
And it should be interesting.

Sounds like Mr. Green's membership card from Westboro Baptist is in the mail.

The only mice I've known have been staunch socialists, very committed to sharing the wealth.

It makes me wonder what Disney has done since they seem to have at least of couple of giant mice.

Didn't Giant Mouse open for Eek-a-Mouse on their last tour?

If I remember correctly, it was sponsored by Chucky Cheese.

I would have liked it better if it was a titmouse


42...the meaning of life and everything?



Is it single-word comment day?

everyone know God would send more than one mouse if he were really pissed off.

Giant mouse (a/k/a a rat) - Duh, everyone knows that mice and rats are spawns of Satan!

People who have no compassion for gay youth should have been sitting in my office while a teen boy, with tears running off his chin, wished he could put himself up for adoption so he could find parents who would want him. I think maybe at that moment if God loved anybody, he loved that kid. Sorry, I know this is not funny at all.

Is that ALL he (the big G---God--) could do?

I mean, as George Carlin has said, he is God.

These idiots who claim God punishes are, at least,
partially right. Punishing them.

They never learned to think. Orelse God musta given them halfa brain. Sheesh. Sheer stupidity and ignorance.

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