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July 08, 2013


Stop Frying Eggs on the Road, Tourists Told

(Thanks to Dave Nevers)


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Ewwwww what a mess. People get a kick out of let's see if I can fry this because it's so hot outside.

I try and plan my drives across Death Valley at night when the temperatures are in the teens, never in the 120's like they are in the daytime. I never cook eggs at three in the mornibg, but I do warm my milk on I40.

Much better than frying eggs was the news van who cooked 24 chocolate chip cookies (in the pan, of course!) simply by sitting the pan on the dashboard, and coming back in a couple of hours.

Manual: Go to the Kelso Depot, they serve cold milk at the diner there.

Yep, they would never figure it out if somebody didn't tell them. Leaving messes for other people to clean up seems to be a major theme of the American dream these days.

This is your brain. This is your brain with tire marks on them.

I will get on the geezer bus now...

This is your brain. This is my rifle. This is my liver on beer. This is an outrage. This is ...

What were we talking about?

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