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July 25, 2013


Local News Reporter Accidentally Draws A Penis On Traffic Map

(Thanks to Robert Mathis and Unholy Slacker)


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If she lived in NYC, I know who she'd be voting for.

Sometimes a traffic report is just a traffic report.

But seriously, they don't get a lot of opportunity to report on construction up in Saginaw. It's usually more like: "Gunfire breaks out at toddler's birthday party. Boy, 4, shoots six adults and five children, marinates mom's Schnauzer. Police believe incident was gang-related. "I've seen worse," says Top Cop."

Weiner was sexting her at the time.

Was this near a tunnel entrance, by any chance?

There are no accidents.

nursecindy told me

i saw that on a news website. i guess she had a weiner in her sights.

Public safety demands we be alerted when a wiener is on the way.

Yesterday had a real smart kid drawing an elephant. He said this is a peanut, and I thought he said penis. Being a caring and compassionate therapist, I said something like it's okay to talk about penises. He acted surprised and corrected me, then quipped "Wouldn't it be awful to pee nuts?" !!

Did you caution him not to talk about penises if he plans on having a political career?

Well, we've all done that, I guess.

Let your fingers do the...WHAT?

These people are Professionals. don't try this at home.

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