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July 21, 2013


Woman gets head stuck in banister during impromptu sex session

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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Dave Barry, I must win the OSCAR for posting your FUNNIEST comments in history on generic blogs. They have literally saved lives; believe it.

Please return from Harley Street (London)and give us MORE; we NEED it here in the "good old US."
We need ya here. Believe it.

I think they were trying for the Siamese Human Knot.

If I had a nickel for every time I...

So let me see if I have this right. The boyfriend finished up and then just left her there naked with her head stuck in the banister while he did what? Went out for a beer? Or went home to his wife?

Not nice, dude.

Sounds like her plans for a fun evening got derailed.

I first read that as "stuck in a barrister." Same problem.

Any time the word 'impromptu' is used 'inevitably' the words 'head stuck in banister' are not far behind.

Is that what they call the potato bin?

padraig - your link to Batman is great...it's strangely exciting in German (or whatever language they've dubbed in)

Were the acting out 'Starway to Heaven"?

One flight up there was a vicar with a potato up his om. But that's another story.

Little Sir Vicar
He had too much liquor.
A mountain of spuds on he sat.
A couple frites pommes
They went up his om
When he said yes he'd like fries with that.

Speaking of "something up his om", I'm not sure if I should be disappointed or relieved that there is nothing on the Blog about Geraldo today...

They were just railing against the unfairness of not getting a step increase?

Sorry, too much late-night labor law reading!

Nah, Batman is like that in the original Queen's English.

♫ But I climbed one, two flight, three flight, four
Five, six, seven flight, eight flight more
Up on the twelfth I'm ready to drag
Fifteenth floor I started to sag
Get to the top, I'm too tired to rock

he was trying to escalater' excitement

om potato
ooooo! potato
wheeee potato, more!
(i feel a-)Live! potato
SEX! potato
Heaven p o t a t o

"Slice it or dice it?" asked the Dr. as he took out his scalpel.

Yeah Elon, I wondered how they'd say "SLAM! BASH! POW!" in German.

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