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July 08, 2013


Thailand's obsession with so-called 'Nazis chic' just won't go away - and now a fried chicken takeaway called Hitler - complete with a logo showing the Nazi leader in a bow tie - has opened its doors.


(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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I can think of nothing to say that wouldn't be completely offensive and require a supersonic rocket powered handbasket.

I wonder if this is advertised through (if that's the word) train windows.

NTTAWWT, of course.

We have ways of making you eat the chicken.

Speak directly into the fuhrer please..

There is no plausible reason for this other than Japan occupied Thailand during WWII. You should however, factor in the 'chicks dig it' factor.

If you eat too much you get the messerschmitt's..

'waiter there's a herr in my chicken...'

(no doubt causing hair fuhrer furor?)

Oven fried chicken?

*Hops in supersonic rocket powered handbasket.*

I think they just mistook Hitler for the Zig-Zag man. That would explain all the fast food tie-ins.

Hitler's Eagle's Nest is now a restaurant, so "Heil, The Colonel!"

SinA, maybe; but this messerschmitt was a folker!

Too soon? It is not like we have not used silly cartoon images of dictators to push fast food before. Little Caesars Pizza, anyone?

And here we all thought he'd escaped to Argentina.

I think this is a concept worth pursuing:

- The Lord Protector's Potato Chips
- Richard Third's mid-week Hump Day Specials
- Quit Stallin' -- Eat at Stalin's!
- I go, you go, we all go for Hugo's!
- Kim Jong-Yum!

Let's see. Who have I annoyed so far? England (twice). Russia. Venezuela. North Korea. Oh, of course:

- Marie's Let-em-eat Cakes

Yes, I know, she never really said that, and she wasn't a dictator. I couldn't think of a pun for Marie de Médicis.

When I was in Korea, there was a Nazi-themed coffee shop in Seoul. I asked a Korean friend about it. He said “We think of Hitler as a strong leader.” Chew on that.

How about Napoleon Brandy?

If they don't want it, give them a whiff of grape shot.

I prefer the website Kitler which consists of nothing except photos of cats which had the misfortune to look like Hitler.

... bright the lamps shone o'er fair women and brave men.

If not, call Wellington's Electricians. We'll send a certified scum of the earth to clear things up.

chicken pol pot pies
eatie amin's
lenin meringue cream pie
beef castroganoff
mao-tse tongue delights
jim jones smokey bones

mudstuffin, you's definitely going to he!! in a platinum handbasket, but two SNORKS up!!!

The Irish sell a product with Oliver Cromwell's portrait on it, but it's less fast food and more rat poison.

Specials include chicken 'n luftwaffles, chicken and reich, or the night of the long knives carving board, washed down with anschlusshies.

The Final Solution to hunger pangs.

Ze twelfth herb iz suffering.

But the US had an obsession with Nazi chick, too, at one time.

Such poor taste to put on a chicken joint. Why do people think of such things

wonder how long before Pepsi has a problem with this. Isn't that their logo on the stand up sign?

Well, considering how chicken farming operations work...

NO soup for you!

Elon, don't forget the hit musical "Springtime for Hitler"!

i know, and many of these are funny, but really only mel brooks can make funny nazis. they just aint funny.

"At Hitler's, when you buy two Reich Burgers, the third Reich is always free!"
"You will laugh. Now!"

Sad. Funny, but sad.

Looks like he stole Colonel Sanders tie and apron..

They were just sitting there is that big pile of clothes and hair. What else should he have done with them.

"I do not want the extra crispy."

"The cooks were just following orders."

When der Führer says we is de Masterrace
We heil! heil! right in der Führer's Face
Not to love der Führer is a great Disgrace
So we heil! heil! right in der Führer's Face


KFC intends to sue them off the map. They will probably reopen as Mussolini the next day.

So many snorks here that I can't cope. How did I ever miss chicken pol pot?

Oh, and Elon: that's no way to talk about Mrs. Lindbergh.

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