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July 11, 2013


A Devon man claims to have set a new record by "riding" a jet engine-propelled shopping trolley at 44mph (70km/h) on a race track.

(Thanks to Ralph and Ron G.)


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What's the big deal? There are lots of strange Devonian life forms.

"If you're going to stand on the back of a shopping trolley at that speed, you have to be mad, I suppose."

Damn straight. I'd like to see a woman try that!

Jeff, maybe as an art project in New York?

i hope he left the little seat strappy thing in for the kids, cuz there sure are times when i'd like to launch afew screamin brats across the supermar....


never mind

My money's on the little old lady from Pasedena.

Too bad "Supermarket Sweep" was cancelled in 2003.

Kind of a different definition for "fast food".

Speaking on behalf of all the male readers of this blog, I can only say one thing: Cool!

" Trolley "...? English people talk funny.

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