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July 08, 2013


Man arrested for driving around with mounted World War II machine gun in Metro Detroit

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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Those Redwing fans can get a bit cranky at the end of a non-Stanley cup year.

They arrested him for his own protection. He was under-armed.

Now THAT'S defensive driving!

Thursday was the 4th of July. Around here he would have been a local hero and given a commendation. Firing off a fake machine gun on the 4th, cool.

That was the problem. They charged him with fraud. Now, if he'd had a real one, no one would have noticed.

Sounds like someone watched that RoboCop marathon over the 4th of July weekend!

At least he didn't have a gun-shaped Pop-Tart.

That would fill up my gun rack!

Absolutely amazing. It takes Detroit police 6 hours to respond to attempted murder calls and they can still manage to catch a guy for a traffic violation. Wait, it was the Shelby Township PD not the DPD, nevermind.

Just a case of pistol envy. Even if it was fake, it was bigger than theirs. Cops have no freaking sense of humor.

If I lived anywhere near Detroit I would have one too. but with real bullets.

I do, in fact, live rather near Detroit, and I ... ah, no, I'm not going to finish that sentence.

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