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July 28, 2013


China has opened a zoo where children are encouraged to pet live tigers.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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When I was a kid, we went to one of those old roadside zoos they had scattered around Florida. In that zoo, they had an Ocelot (think about 50% bigger than a house cat, with spots) that the kids were encouraged to pet.
When it was my turn, the Ocelot wrapped himself around my leg and started biting and digging to China. He still had his claws.
Sadly, I did not survive. No, wait. I did survive with some interesting scars that have now faded.
I can't imagine if it had been even a baby tiger.
Oh, the keeper excused the Ocelot as being a little hungry and grumpy.

What could possibly go wrong?

An interesting if somewhat aggressive approach to population control.

I don't think letting kids pet dead tigers is such a great idea, either.

I'd be more worried about the health of the tigers. They're endangered; there is no shortage of Chinese kids.

crouching tiger, sum ting wong missing children

Dangerous wild animals, raised around humans, even domesticated cattle, have turned on their owners and keepers and killed them over and over again. Is no one paying attention?

"Some locals are worried"?
The rest just don't like kids.

We cannot allow a tiger-petting zoo gap!

A tiger-petting zoo should built in Washington D.C. immediately! Better yet, a tiger, bear, lion, komodo dragon, rabid hyena petting zoo should be built in D.C. immediately!

But how will we ever feed the tiger, one Chinese official asked.

After pondering, he understood. "Brilliant!"

I used to have a boss who was so terrified of upper management that he would just refuse to talk to them, if he could get away with it, let alone report anything. His favorite saying was "Don't pet the tiger."

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