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July 08, 2013


An Austrian brewery castle where you can literally swim in beer

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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I bet this cuts down on the amount of chlorine needed.


yeast infection

It's a different kind of yeast. It will probably keep out the bad yeast.

Or at least the alcohol kills the yeast. That's why beer stops fermenting at between 4 and 8% alcohol.

Ken_in_yeastSC :

not in my jacuzzi

jes' sayin...

Ah, now, Mary! What's the matter?

Oh, Father, it's me husband, Michael. He's passed away. Fell into a vat at the brewery, he did. Drowned, poor man.

I'm so sorry, dear. It was a quick death, I hope?

No, it took three hours. He had to crawl out twice to use the restroom.

Didn't The Simpsons do this about 20 years ago?

I seem to remember a tour of the Duff Beer factory, where the boats were floating on a sea of beer. Lisa then replied "Beer if you're lucky!"

Lessons learned from Hemingway: When in Spain, avoid the milk.

Lessons learned from Barry: When in Austria, stay alkoholfrei.

I heard beer was good for your hair.

Beer float.

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