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July 01, 2013


Mom, 52, tried to pose as 19-year-old daughter for exam

(Thanks to Joe in Japan, who notes, "It was not elaborate enough.")


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"I can't believe anyone noticed me."

The proctors knew something was up when "she" was the only female who didn't try to send a text during the exam.

Jeff - If my teenaged daughter's friends are anything to go by, that would count as "bare faced".

Well 50 is the new 30....which gets her to about a decade.

It's been done on tv...

Looks like padraig wins the thread again.


"donned low-wasted jeans"
I'm guessing you'd need to be wasted to fall for that.

$ 11,704.00 fine, eh ? They go to the exchange tables for that but they can't spell waisted.

She wore ... Blue velvet.
Elaborate make-up for the test.

It even scans. I miss Dennis Hopper.

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