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July 03, 2013


Here's the trailer.


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It's shows like this where future greats like Newman, Redford, Robert Blake O.J. and Cher get their feet wet.

1. If this isn't set in Miami the filmmakers (so to speak) really missed the boat (so to speak).

2. When careers go wrong #27: what the heck happened to John Heard that he ended up here?


Finally, reason to live...
It'll get better numbers than the 'Lone Ranger'

Wait. Did I see one of those "stars" jumping over one of the sharks?
They all were?
Movies like this are the only real reason I can see for keeping weed illegal. It can lead to poor judgement.

Can't be worse than Water World.

I'm waiting for "Two-Headed Sharknado Vs. the Dino-Spiders."

Actually, I should copyright that before the SyFy guys see it.

Is there product placement for the People Mover?

Clearly this film is meant to cast in a sarcastic light the juxtaposition of the modern world with the forces of a wild and unpredictable nature, while at the same time reminding us that our fragile lives may be snatched from the jaws (ha!) of life at any given moment by the least likely of human foes to be found on land.

Either that or it was an excuse for bra-less women to jog around.

If they had set this in Washington D.C. it would kill in the ratings.

Well done! At last, some well-reasoned cinematic discourse! Biting, incisive, sharp and pointed, Ms. Flukey's review of, ah, whatever film we were talking about is a model of deconstructionist dialectic that will inspire and (starts to foam at the mouth and falls over backward).

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