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July 12, 2013


Writer Thunder Levin answers your questions.

(Thanks to Jeff "Lightning" Meyerson)


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Basically, the movie business has Jumped the Shark literally.

Okay, next. Yes, you in the back.

Yes, Mr, Levin. Groucho McSkeptic here, from the Wood-Charles News Service. I have a question.


How do you sleep at night?

Levin: a 12 pack of beer and a couple of joints.

I asked what sharks had to do with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization? I was suddenly seeing the army battling sharks invading Europe…
Paging Tom Clancy...

what is the big schtuss with this stupid movie? i guess it is the kardassian of movies or somthin.

It's the most ridiculous movie ever made, queensbee. I'm surprised and disappointed we didn't live blog it, 24-style.

These guys did, with hilarious results.

Wait...there were chainsaws???

Absolutely, Hammie.

nursecindy also suggested live blogging it but sadly, too late.

queensbee, I think the answer is simple - it's July, there is no real news and the concept is so outrageous. I still think they missed a bet by not setting it in Miami.

Thunder Levin wrote a movie?

Another sequel.

Interviewer: Mr. Mark, is there any hope, whatsoever, for America, intellectually-speaking?

Mr. Mark: No.

Interviewer: Not even a slim, glimmer - no matter how infinitesimal?

Mr. Mark: Are you aware of something called "Honey Boo Boo"?

Interviewer: What should we do, then?

Mr. Mark: Drink.

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