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July 27, 2013


Turkey clears bird of spying for Israel

(Thanks to coscolo)



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Is Turkey a little paranoid? How do you interrogate bird? This is the guy they should be watching.

Ii thought they meant turkey....as in a thanksgiving bird....

Hah, they thought a kestrel was spying for the Israelis? What dolts, everyone knows that kestrels spy for the Germans. The Israelis use hummingbirds because they can hover and get better pictures.

The Israelis are smart enough not to mark the birds they use as spies. It's probably an NSA disinformation agent.

When Turkey had intelligent leaders Turkey was an Israeli ally. There is such a thing as too much democracy, sometimes too many stupid people vote.

They freed the Bird, but Diz is still in custody.

As God is my witness, Turkey thought it could spy.

Didn't the Saudis (or maybe it was the Qataris - some Persian Gulf loony bin anyway) also arrest a bird as an Israeli spy?

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