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July 25, 2013



(Thanks to Peter Metrinko, who says a Florida boater's license is on the way.)


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Arrgh! Someone deserves to be brought before the Captain's Mast, except they broke it....

He was channeling (haw!) Admiral George Tryon.

Uh, Sven, the bridge is closing.

Not a prob......


I bet the bridge tender did that on purpose.

"Paging Captain Pugwash." Still have to have a giggle whenever I hear him say "... Master Bates ...".

That's perseverance. He DID make it under the bridge.

We live in Florida near a marina located in a state park. Late one Sunday my SO and I rode our bikes to the marina and then went to the pier side bar for some refreshments. I noticed a lot of people lined up along the banks. Some with lawn chairs and blankets. We asked our server what event we were missing. She told us that every Sunday afternoon people and their families lined up to watch the often inebriated boaters as they tried to get their craft onto trailers and out of the water. I would like to have seen it myself, but it was SRO.

Get the plank ready.

On the bright side, the boat will now fit under the drawbridge.

If you want to freak out other boaters, pull up to a dock and parallel park. Most of the weekend wannabes don't have a clue that it is possible if you know what you're doing, and are expecting you to crash into their fancy hulls with your garbage scow.

Did you notice the *other* boat almost crashed as well? Maybe it WAS the drawbridge operator's fault...

WV - we used to sit outside at a diner on one of Ann Arbor's many one-way streets, especially to watch the mini-vans driving the wrong way. No liquor license at the diner, so we had to keep score on paper and then walk across to the Old Town and finish the game.

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