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July 23, 2013


Subway fires employee who put penis on sandwich bread and posted picture to Instagram

(Thanks to Joe in Japan, Ron G. and Jeff Meyerson)


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They didn't even have to do a lineup (so to speak) because the moron posted it under his own name.

he could still run for the MTA - put him in charge of subways in NY

Reminds me of the ball cheese incident at the Ocean Pines McDonalds...

That's a penis? I thought it was a half eaten baby carrot.

Now he can run for mayor.

Paging Anton Chigurh, Mr. Smith in contracting has a "health code violation enhanced penalty" action to discuss, please pick up...

This guy should go into politics. Wonder if his name is Anthony.

So THAT's where he went to work after leaving Congress!

Mr Mark,

Smartassed Subway employee: Are you gonna shoot me?

Anton the Health Inspector: That depends. Do you see me?

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