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July 18, 2013


Make sure you're not eating when you click on the rugby update.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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We do NOT pay our security guards enough.

I like the narrator's comment: "The match was still up for grabs."

Hope his match didn't get hurt.

Anyone heard from the blogladies lately?


I, for one, googled it for a clearer view understanding of the incident.

After further investigation, Pirateboy - his match came up waaaaaaaay short

It was nice they gave us the option not to play the video.

"State of Origin"? Reminds me of when Hefner came up with 1400 ways to say "nekkid". "Au naturel," "undraped", etc. Um, my older brother told me all about it.

Speaking of sports updates, I doubt many of y'all watch the Tour de France like I do (it's L'ALPE d'HUEZ DAY!) but the spectators are insane. They hide the most outrageous costumes until the leader comes by and then jump out in front of the camera. So far today I've seen Satan, a male Pamela Anderson impersonator (VERY stretchy Speedo), and a very tall todger.

6'6" Papa Smurf Sighting. Just keeping y'all informed. Have not seen the guy with the stuffed peccary yet.

Padraig, what is a "todger"? That's a phrase I've not seen used before. Here in LA, we have the Dodgers, but they don't usually count for much after Labor Day...

And if I had a peccary, I'd name in "Gregory".

Gregory Peccary.




Glenn Jackson: "It's not what you want to see in a marquee event like that."

It's not what I want to see period, he has a hairier back than I do and a larger stomach. Who used all the eye bleach?

Ahem. PirateBoy, todger is another word for penis.

NC: So the synonym "12 inches" is also correct?

No amount of body paint could make that guy less obscene.

This has turned into an internet meme, of which my favorite is "Origin of Man" :-) http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/rugby-league/state-of-origin/state-of-origin-streaker-wati-holmwood-memes-light-up-internet-20130718-2q5ni.html

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