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July 23, 2013


It's a boy!


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Someone is going to hell.

So i heard. Can they shut up already? Vey iz mir. She the first woman in england to have a baby?? Aww. Done.

My eyes!

I clicked that link, and my liver almost passed through my ear when I saw that.

And a bird outside my window fainted.

That's one ugly baby.

Darn you DaveBarry.

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it...but I clicked anyway.

that was a dave-barry-mani-low-down dirty trick!

happy birthday queensbee ;)
nice sharing an island & a blog with you!

Thank heavens. The world was in danger of running out of over-privileged wankers.

Somehow you will pay for that Dave.

Looks stoned in that shot.

Are you sure?

The president sent his blessings to the royal couple stating for everyone in America, "If I had a son He would look like that and if I had a city it would look like Detroit."


We call it a drive-by manilowing

Happy BD Queensbee!

Dave get's me every April 1st and now this. Which one of you taught him how to post a picture that doesn't show it's details when you hover over the link?


Stsy away from Vegas if you dont want to see this....

cindy, I blame Judi. Firing is in the offing.

They should name him Yuka!

Awwww, he looks like Grandpa Charles...

Curses, tricked again!

They said the royal baby was 8 pounds. How much would that be in American money?

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