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July 22, 2013


The Royal Baby has not come out yet.

This has been your Royal Baby Bulletin.

(FYI, I'm not in England any more; I'm back in Miami. I'm watching the Royal Baby coverage on TV, presented by people who I'm guessing have to change their undergarments hourly.)


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I hope I'm not working on a pay-per-second database when the baby news hits. The internet will be slower than on the day the Starr Report came out about Clinton.

Exactly, Dave. I turned on the local news this morning at 6 and the "anchors" were so excited they appeared to be leaking out of their Depends (tm).

I know the summer is a slow news time but really...who cares?

- heir today....????

- heir today....????

Goon tomorrow.

As I recall, Dave's recommendation is to not to even suggest she's pregnant unless you actually see the baby coming out of her!

I'm more interested in why Dave came back early. Was he expelled for barking at a police dog? Offering a police dog an improperly labeled doggie beer? Lèse-majesté?

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