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July 08, 2013


...why we live here.

(Thanks to wiredog) (Really, wiredog: Thanks a LOT.)


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I, for one, have never understood that. It's a climate that resembles an armpit, with the occasional hand stuck in there making armpit noises.

If you have relatives inland to visit, why not?

Does the 'D' on the map at 2 p.m. Saturday stand for "Dave's house"? I just hope it takes a hard left after it leaves Florida. If I see any more rain I'm going to lose it.

Ummm, because you love hockey?

Chantal is such a pretty name. A little spritz and a pouffe.


Relax - it'll just be a depression by the time it hits SoFla. And living in Florida, you should be used to depression by now.

You're welcome.

Now throw your lawn furniture in the pool.

You're welcome to come hide up here. Just bring your body armor. As I wrote in a little ditty about winter in Michigan:

It's safer here than someplace coastal,
But everyone I know is postal ...

Chantal will be a wimp. As long as it stays on the right side of the state.

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