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July 02, 2013


Police arrest man after fight over seat saving at LDS church

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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They should have asked for help from Morton Gordon, the Mormon Doorman.

And geezer bus passes to the first person who correctly the TV show this comes from....

“We did an investigation, there was conflicting stories..." also conflicting Mormons

Oh, those whacky Mormons. Who knows what is going on under that civilized veneer. (Although, I have watched computer geeks come to blows over whether AMD or Intel makes the best CPUs)

Seats saved? I thought only people could be saved.

As someone who is stuck in Utah for now, this does not surprise me in the least. This place is NUTS. I can't wait to get out of here!

Sure, you can have that seat.
I just farted there and had to move.
That ought to do it.

“Some decisions were made that we can’t change at this point and time,” Ferrin told FOX 13. “But the reality is we’re going to let the court system take care of the things we can’t change now, and we’re going to focus on bringing the families together and bringing this community together and making this a situation that unifies not destroys.”

Send that man to Washington, quick!

He who farts in church sits in his own pew.

He who smelt it dealt it.

^smelled^. Sheesh.

God, "You two knock it off and use your indoor voices! Don't make me come down there!"


Catholic lady answers: "Shut up. I'm ah talkin' to ya mother!"



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