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July 01, 2013


Israeli Orthodox Jewish rabbi rules marijuana not kosher

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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I have pre-glaucoma...

*snork* at NMUA

Hey rabbi, nice beard. Halloween's over.

marijuana is a plant. it neither chews its cud nor has cloven hoofs. so knock it off.

hashish kibosh

now i wanna see "a serious man" again...

oh, and i hate to be picky - but all rabbis are jewish. help fight repetitive redundancies.


I guess that means that the pigs fed on marijuana are "double not kosher".

...however, the idea of getting high on bacon does have some appeal...

kinda like pork eaten in chinese restaurants when nobody is looking.... oh, wait.

"The rabbi's comments are the first by a Jewish religious leader about the substance."

No they aren't.

oh. what did jesus say about it?

He was against weeds.

Exercise in ethics class re dilemma--if you have a loved one whose only relief is weed, what do you do? The only four in a group of 30-something who thought it was God's will for people to suffer rather than use something "illegal" were the seminary students. No wonder the church is so constipated.

My wife was asked if weed were totally legal and she needed it for medical reasons, would she use it? She said no, it would be a sin.
I was asked the same question and said it had never done that much for me, but why not?
I'm almost always up for a little harmless sin and debauchery.

And, I know. The handbasket has a reserved slip at my dock.

Most of us were like where do we get the purest and safest supply? A loved one in pain trumps. Many of the drugs in your local pharmacy are way worse than weed, and religious folks have no problem with them.

I'll take a permanent reserved seat on the handbasket. I like to think for myself...

USDA says they need a disaster plan for that rabbi.

Hands out the guilt-free salvia brownies.

Yeah. I wanna brownie....but no nuts.

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