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July 07, 2013


Glue-huffing monk on holiday in Phuket also a thief

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Becoming a monk in Thailand is much like getting a job at McDonalds. Young men not only become a monk to get out of the basement, but to please their mothers as well. It takes about a month to become a monk.

The words 'Phucket Glue-Sniffing Monks' is heard in Louie Louie if you play the song backwards at 78.

Further on up the road, if you become a 'famous' monk a future visit to the taxidermist is guaranteed.

I saw Taxidermy Monk open for the Plastic Ono Band.

And after you become one, you get to fly around the world with Justin Bieber.

I saw Glue-Huffing Monk open for Miles Davis.

Oh Phuket.

You can huff it?! Here I've been just eating it since art class in second grade!

And here he thought that the other monks would stick with him like...tape?

Good description, M.T. Monk entrance requirements are minimal. They're mostly saffron-robed beggars.

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