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July 24, 2013


The REAL 'Carlos Danger': At least two Florida men actually have the name used by Anthony Weiner in his explicit online chats

(Thanks to Art Silverman)


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Feel sorry for the Floridians, but Weiner as NYC mayor would be more entertaining than 'Nanny' Bloomberg.

Would somebody please wean Weiner off his wiener chats?

So Tony is impersonating a (respected) (not) Psychiatric drug researcher?

I had to explain who Carlos Danger was to my dad today!

The one in NY is actually Carlos Dangler.

"Carlos Danger" is an anagram of "Cradles Organ".

Why am I picturing John Candy in SCTV every time I hear the name Carlos Danger?

Any relation to Nick Danger, Private Eye?

Or Austin "Danger" Powers?

I don't think his very personal life is anybody's business, but it does sound like he needs to learn to keep his business relative to his business private.

I enjoyed his antics in congress so much and there haven't been any clips half as entertaining since he left. If I were a New Yorker I would vote for him because of the entertainment value alone. They need something to cheer them up, and what's more refreshing than somebody who just speaks their mind and lets the chumps fall where they may?

Hanna, what offends me the most is that the Post and Daily News think they are the arbiters or taste and decorum who have the right to decide who is worthy of being a candidate. They have spoken and demanded he withdraw, and "how dare he" not listen?

I hope he does stay in the race for just that reason. And no, I don't intend to vote for him. We don't need someone this immature as Mayor.

I knew it was a Carl Hiassan character!

Another Carlos Danger, a 65-year-old man from Islamorada, Fla., in the Florida Keys, couldn’t be reached despite repeated attempts.
Something tells me that going to his house would be a bad idea...

'Carlos Danger' is attempting to take over Gotham City - Send Up the Bat signal!!

Actually, "Some" is my middle name. Most people call me by my nickname, "Doesn'tPhotographHisWeiner".

Weiner's personal life doesn't concern me, else I would have few politicians to not vote against. (Translation: I haven't voted FOR many in years, but against).
But the compulsive nature of his behavior is an issue.
I just can't stop thinking of it. It's driving me crazy.

Jeff, you are probably right. Doing it in private and lying about it are two different things, and speak to character. I do hope he goes into stand-up so he can capitalize on his own contributions to humor in this country. I might pay to see that... if he promised to keep his pants on.

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