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July 19, 2013


See bride launched in human slingshot

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Is that a Mormon tradition or...?

Redneckery applies to many faiths. The only difference between Utah and Georgia is that, in Utah, they're more likely to say "Hold mah soda and watch this!"

No caffeine, wiredog.

Hold my Diet Dr Pepper and...?

Wondering what the honeymoon was like...

That might be worth renewing our vows.
Except that my wife would get motion-sick on a waterbed.
It wouldn't be a bouquet she was tossing.

The next character in Angry Birds -- Angry Bride?

My eyes! I must have read that three times and got "sea" bride. I'm thinking Venice, Doges, wedding the sea ... and what's up with that cowboy hat?

Makes more sense now. Not a lot more, but some.

The wedding night was a bit of a let down after this.

Utah is a border state as shown on the http://www.popvssoda.com map, so it might not be "hold my soda".

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