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July 15, 2013


Japan clinic launches 'snail facial'

(Thanks to DaninTustin, wiredog, The Perts, Jeff Meyerson, coscolo and Liz Hackett)


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of course i saw scorpion enema open for ozzie back in '89.

They'd need to catch me first.

I saw Snail Facial open for Zappa.

Five minutes of molluscs wbagnfarb.

Never happen.
But back in 1993, I let a good sized conch crawl across my hand. It was OK and definitely NOT SLIMY.
Then I let it go back to the ocean from whence it came.
Say "whence". It's fun.

sorry. not kosher.

No one noticed the Escargot restaurant across the street

The word whence means "from where"; using "from whence" is redundant.

Slimy faceful? You sure this shouldn't have a NSFW tag?

Do they offer piranha pedicures?

Padraig: I blew diet soda all over my screen from laughing when I ready your comment. Dexy's Midnight Runners were singing "Come on Eileen" on the radio at the time.

"This salon is the only place in Japan where you can try a live snail facial ..."

Good, good. Now can we try to keep it that way?

Whence, whence, whence, say! It is fun!!

So the Japanese cosmetic industry is getting ideas from Penn & Teller now?

I approve.

I wonder if one has to shell out a lot of money for such a treatment.

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