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July 02, 2013


Woman, 62, Jailed On Felony Battery Charge After Kissing Cop On The Nose


(Thanks to Ron G. and Omniskeptic)


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Didn't need to read the story.
The picture tells me she's guilty


Every picture tells a story.


Hill told deputies that she had consumed “about 3 glasses of wine” before deputies arrived at her home.

I think they mean three bottles.

Didn't need to read the story.
The picture tells me HE's guilty


In my day the kissing booth was a dollar.

How did my hubby's ex-wife get her face on here? Now you know why she's an "ex." (Yes, I'm joking.)

....i held him in my arms as he died......
oh, so it was moidah then, eh....
(with thanks to groucho and margaret dumont)

*passes nose bleach to officer*

never saw Ozzy Osbourne with blond hair before

Dave you should give us a warning before you post some of these mugshots! I'm sure she has a great personality though.

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