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July 16, 2013


Suspect to deputies: Cocaine in pocket belongs to hooker

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says, "In that case, you're free to go.")


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he's giving them either a snow job

or a blow job

The judge will sentence him to rehab with this special instruction. Note. This man can not remember what day it is. Nonetheless, carry on with the therapy.

Maybe she gave it to him as part of a marketing giveaway.

haaaa ligirl

Of course carry on. Everybody knows therapists have magic wands and can fix anything.


Hey, that's not the usual gift that keeps on giving.

Mental health therapist, "Now remember yesterday when we talked about your time in the womb?"

East Naples man accused of cocaine possession,


"This is 1947 right."

"Has the war ended?"

Which war?

I wish I had a nickle for every time a prostitute left cocaine in my pocket.

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