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July 26, 2013



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Weiners away!

oh yes!!! great cover.

Took the word right out of my mouth, Hammie!

A valuable lesson for Mr. Weiner is Don't Tweet Your Meat.

Why is he holding a syringe and taking a picture of a saltshaker?

I remember a world in which there was a difference between The New Yorker and Mad Magazine. Apparently, that is now some parallel universe.

♫ start spreadin the spews....

biggest d!ck in NYC

We have a Weiner!

Pathetic Pervert Poses on Pinnacle.

He must be proud of his manhood to want to show everyone his. It probably isn't anything special. Probably isn't any different than a vienna sausage. What a jerk anyway.

If the illustrious mayoral candidate decides to run for President, it would be great if our current AG would be his running mate. Then we would have the Weiner Holder ticket.

That's heroin Fay Wray He is holding in his hand.

King Dong?

snorks all around, but in any case, this prevert is done. knowing what we know about him, why would we want this kind of mayor? if i could vote in nyc, i'd vote for the regular kind of crook.

Snork @eyegore.

I'm suffering from Weiner fatigue.

Padraig, they have pills for that now.

Weiner for mayor? No Wray.

Oh. My. God. Cannot WAIT to get it in the mail. That cover is joining a couple of my other treasured ones that I've saved over the years.

Please, New York. Pleeeease elect him.


I think it needs to come down to New Yorkers being able to trust him to look out for them, and if I had to pick between Anthony Weiner and some of the other nut cases in politics, I'd pick him. Just sayin'

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