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July 26, 2013


An angry farmer who was bitten by a snake bit it back and killed the reptile in a retaliatory attack

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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Afterwards he was heard to say "I'm getting M-effin' tired of these M-effin' snakes in my M-effin' teeth."

I think a garden hoe would have been a better weapon choice.

My MIL once asked me to identify a snake that she'd killed in her yard with a garden hoe.
I was unable to do so since she'd apparently had her hoe set on "blend".

Yep, agrilculturists is tough. Lousy typists, though.

I think that happened in a Chuck Norris movie.

Snakes like that got attitude. He was, like, all up in the farmer's grill, like "Bite me!" Bad choices, snakes.

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