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July 10, 2013


NHS boob job girl Josie Cunningham regrets £4,800 implants and wants taxpayer to pay for smaller implants

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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But she now claims her new boobs are making her feel self-conscious and are stopping her finding modelling work.

Yeah, that's the reason. Your face and your personality have nothing to do with it.

*rolls eyes*

A Who?

All publicity is good publicity, right? This could launch her career.

"Those were not great tits," said the dissatisfied customer, and ...

A titilating conundrum.

Her career as a super-model has about as much chance of launching as my next career as a Rock-god guitarist. But I admit that I don't know how to play. What's her excuse?

Wonder if Obamacare will buy boobs for the underdeveloped?

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