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July 10, 2013


Nightly News Wipes New Hampshire Entirely Off The U.S. Map

(Thanks to Glen Page)


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Would anyone miss them?

I didn't know NBC had a nuclear capability. Time for a UN resolution.

It's not the first time New York tried to wipe New Hampshire off the map because of Vermont.

What's New Hampshire?

I thought I felt something going on

Please tell me they didn't lose Montpelier! Oh wait, that's in Vermont. Never mind.

Reminds me of the time MSNBC got their Virginias confused.

It might make for a great opportunity if His Daveness were to run for President (yes, of the United States) again. Send the other candidates into oblivion.

What could possibly go wrong?

"I didn't know NBC had a nuclear capability. Time for a UN resolution."

NBC stands for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical so that explains a lot.

Now if we can just figure out what MS stands for... Missile Strike perhaps?

Montpelier still exists, but is now Montpelier, NY according to NBC's map!

So you can all just stop criticizing us for our behavior in the Michigan/Wisconsin Mitten War. Wisconsin is still there, still a thriving, prosperous state, not wiped off any maps or anything. Okay, the puppet Governor we installed isn't working out all that well, but ...

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