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July 15, 2013


Nike makes Carolina Panthers shirt with wrong state on it

(Thanks to nursecindy, who lives in the right Carolina, and says: "We're all pretty upset about it too.  Virginia would have been okay but not South Carolina.")


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Is our geography teachers teaching?

Apologies to South Carolina but really!

I blame Mark Sandford.

i <3 my new jets jersey!

no, wait a minute

Another spellcheck fail.

I thought all the Carolinas were pretty much right. Is there a left Carolina?

But Cindy! Who could have the free fireworks state? And reputedly, the barbecue is better there.

We live near Nike and hear stories. People who work there are so stressed because it's said their management strategy is to take everybody's name and toss them in the air over an organization chart, then assign them to the job they land on. If that's true, it would 'splain a lot.

As a Virginian, Cindy, not sure I'm flattered.

Dave has the same problem. He keeps looking for the state South Florida on the map and can't find it.

Stephen Colbert called South Carolina the "fourth best Carolina." As a Tar Heel I think he's giving them a little too much credit.

And Lord no, the BBQ is not better in SC.

This is precisely why the Dakotas should never get an NFL franchise.

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