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July 16, 2013


15 aliens stole my Datsun and dog

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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This happened when he was 17? Maybe he just had so many beers he forgot where he parked?

Uh, Cardiff is where the current Dr. Who is filmed. You think Daleks like Datsuns & dogs?

They should of beamed him up too. I'll bet he was surprised. Hmmm interesting anyway.

isn't it odd that he bears a resemblance to Shatner

I suspect Ale-ians were involved.

It sounds like he has the start of a Country Western song.

Why would creatures intelligent enough to travel through space steal a Datsun, of all cars ?

Maybe they had a book on their spaceship:

"To Serve Canines"

Thank goodness they didn't steal a purple AMC Gremlin. We all would have been vaporized immediately.

He must have disregarded the warning about the brown acid.

I have heard that Datsuns are considered a delicacy by certain aliens.

Five green aliens,
Standing on the floor,
And I wish to Christ, I wish to Christ,
That I had fifteen more.

Oh, lend me ten pounds, I'll buy you a drink ...

NMUA ~ My thoughts exactly! He lost a truck and a dog. Add some whiskey and that my friends is a country western song.

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