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July 02, 2013


Sewing machine prompts police response

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The state would like to remind drivers having a valid fake Florida Driver's license will do just fine.

The police were needled about this case?

Sew what? It's early!

no doubt pulled over for zig-zagging

What a stitch!

It would be prudent to report strange package with wires, even though it turns out to be harmless.

This is a little o/t but.. I bought "Hard Listening" yesterday and you guys have got to read this book. I was up until 3 a.m. laughing. The emails between the band members are hilarious but I really loved it when Dave and another band member found some talking urinals in a hotel bathroom.
As for the sewing machine, except for a power cord I can't imagine what kind of wires would be there. I love to sew and there have been a few times I wanted to blow up my sewing machine. Usually I just tell it I'm going to put it in the dishwasher and it straightens up and starts doing it's job.

cindy - who among us hasn't thought this?

If I knew threatening it with the dishwasher would straighten out my sewing machine I might use it more often.

So true ligirl. People stopped asking me to fix things after I started taking in some seams to make them think they were gaining weight. I always threaten my sewing machine, computer, iPad, and iPhone with a ride in the dishwasher. It works everytime.

Something must have seamed pretty fishy.

Okay, I'm a little startled by this. I just (and I mean yesterday) finished work on a piece that starts with an abandoned object, made of sewing machine parts in a box, that freaks out the police.

Is life imitating art or vice versa?

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