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July 04, 2013


Make some noise.


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I was really afraid it was going to be a Maniloonie 4th of July thing. (WARNING - Barry will be on the Capitol Fourth thing tonight.)

I have used this in previous years but it says I need a plug in that has already been installed and it still won't work. Oh, well. Happy 4th anyway

I'm hoping for a Mantiless 4th.

Happy Day everyone.

Boom !


What a country!

There's no such thing as too many fireworks. Happy 4th July.

*started the day with a bang*

- will end it with *f*i*r*e*w*o*r*k*s

& yes, alcohol will be involved

My 4th will be pretty quiet because, and I really believe this, I am currently dying with a head cold. I will miss you all. Seriously, I hope everyone has a great day filled with fireworks, good food, and good friends. Happy Birthday America!

Ligirl, are you boasting or complaining? ;)

Have a fifth on the 4th, everyone!

What do you plan for the fifth?
Finish it on the fourth.

I finally got the plug in to work and now I have watched these fireworks now for a few years. It's clever how they made this. My baby back ribs were good. I just finished eating. Yum

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