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July 13, 2013


A 35-year-old man was bitten Friday by a snake coming out of the toilet. The man, who sustained a light injury to his genital area, was visiting family members in Israel's north, as the small, nonpoisonous snake bit him.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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hmmm, northern Israel - Hisssidick?

*checks handbasket for snakes*

RamBam, thank you, ma'am!

There's no happy end to this story.

A snake biting the snake.

You gotta be willing to pay more than a few shekels for a mohel.

It was probably on a blind date set up by SnakeTime.com.

Aren't there inspectors over there? Oh, you said "mohel". I heard "motel". Carry on.

and if it was venomous, just how do you get the poison out?

*snork* @ ligirl on her shayna punning

The Rambam Hospital is right next to the Thank You Maam Brothel.

Oy Vey a schmekel biter!!!

I heard it was a short fanged schmekel biter.

JG, doctor says you gonna die.

(Anybody not know that one?)

We ALL know that one, Pad.....

might make a nice handbag later....

D@MN those d@angling s@cs !

"If the swelling lasts more than four hours, see a doctor immediately."

Did the bite give him a little extra?

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