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July 17, 2013


British scientists unveil the 'world's first' mobile phone powered by URINE

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby, DaninTustin and Bill Moore)


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So now my carrier has an excuse for my piss-poor reception?

It may be the first urine-powered charger using a fuel cell, but urine-powered batteries have been around for centuries. Many acidic solutions can be used. There are also commercial varieties available. Can you bioengineer me now?

The inventor of this device is obviously sitting at his desk, singing "Urine, the money...."

Novel: Usually cell phones piss me off. This one can be pissed "on".

their technology's been leaked

i had a grandfather who was hassidic. oh, acidic. that's very different. never mind.

It seems obvious to me that the first carrier to use this phone should be Pee Mobile.

Spokesman is Pee Wee Herman.

Don't even ask about the optional fax feature!

But some people consider it Charmin'.

'Scuse me, mum. Just rechargin' me mobile.

Well, powering it with beer directly would be wasteful.


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