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July 17, 2013


Perfect Polly

(Thanks to Jenny Paxson)


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So realistic. You can barely tell it is plastic and a cheap synthesizer.

That parrot parakeet 'as snuffed it.

He's pining for the glades.

Why not an Improper Hopper?

Wish I could miss it. The blasted commercial keeps airing every ten minutes here. Count your blessings!

For the Flathead market, there's a large plastic dog that barks non-stop and won't leave other people's yards.

Hey, kids! Want to do something nice for your grandparents? Give 'em the bird!

How stupid do you have to be? At least one birdbrain in the house (and the bird's chirp chip is bigger).

I wonder how cats react to it.

Now with semi-life like, swivel head.

i saw half of the commercial before i chucked a large object toward my tv. tankfullee, i missed. this is as stupid as the talking mounted fish.

That mounted fish is really creepy.

I bought something similar to that once but it wasn't perfect Polly. My cat had fun with it and bit off the feet and then the head and it couldn't do any motions anymore. No more chirping. It was a dead bird

Dan Savage ("Savage Love") wrote a classic column about a grandmother who loved her Pretty Bird.

Warning: NSFW

Theresa ~ It's not dead. 'E's just resting. The Norwegian Blue prefers taking a kip on it's back.

FUNNY stuff all.

Line its cage with blog posts?

*unfollows its tweets*

"Polly want a D cell!"

D'you remember those perpetual-motion birds that dipped their heads into a glass of water? They were lots more fun and didn't require any batteries!

Only if it was a Great Tit.

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