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July 03, 2013


Looking good!



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Happy birthday Dave! Try to refrain from firing judi over that one.

Many happy returns, sir! *raises beer to you*

Happy Birthday Dave. Beer is the answer to any question today.

So, are you looking forward to that first Social Security check?

Happy Birthday to Mr. Dave Barry;
May your humor and wit never vary.
And if Buster’s fine beers
Let you reach five score years
I suggest you take all you can carry.

Happy Birthday, Dave! You're not getting older, you're...well, you are getting older but so what? You don't look a day older than 64.

Wiredog, some of us (not me but certain very, very close relatives) have been getting Social Security checks already, even though she (I mean, 'they') are younger than Dave that.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Blog!

I think a drunken karaoke version of "Copacabana" is in order.

Happy Beer Birthday, Dave!

On his recent tour, Dave didn't look a day older than 70.

Happy Birthday, Dave. It's amazing that you keep looking younger in the photos.
Or, at least, less mature.

Happy happy, from another July 3 baby!

Happy Beerday, Dave! I knew I was saving the last bottle of Celebration Ale for something... something good indeed!

Wow. Is America a great country or what ?

BWAAAHAA. she gotcha. aand happy.. etc.

Thank GOD one does not need teeth to drink beer. Gives a whole bunch of us something to live for.

Happy Birthday, Dave!
Cheers :)

Happy Birthday Dave! Celebrate responsibily.

Happy Birthday Dave! I hope that you have a great one!

Happy Birthday Dave! What do you want to be when you grow up?

Greetings galore Dave.

Happy Birthday Dave!
May you live twice as long as Michael Jackson and be half as creepy!

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