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July 17, 2013


Take a guess.


It looks futuristic! Let's look inside!





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I'm unsure of where "Point B" is, but I'm sure I do not want to GO there.

I'm not totally sure, but wasn't the one of these used to "hatch" Mork from Ork?

Aaaack....it turned your shirt plaid!!!!

Point B.

A bowling alley on an alien spacecraft, of course.

I'm supposed to guess first, so I guess the voice over is, "Fertlize, fertilize".

Restroom in the new Dreamliner?

Where are the little sofas, make-up tables, wine bars, and towel guys? Inquiring Ladies Room users want to know. Now you guys know why we stay in there so long.

It's the new space saver orgasmatron from the movie Sleeper.

These are the eggs that produce the green men of Mars.

Has to be the Museum of Modern Art in London.
If you ever want to visit, there is no charge to get in, and it is worth every Pence.

dave's recharging his cellphone

He's gone to plaid!

Rejects from the set of Spinal Tap?

Dave does so much travelling he should write a book. Maybe Gene could give him some advice.

But why is he covert? Is he going all Colorado on us?

Looks like something from the early colour era of Doctor Who.

Poop coop.

I'd go with the orgasmitron, or Dr Who Tardis, or Egg from Ork as pointed out be previous experts.

I never want to use an ordinary restroom again.

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