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July 17, 2013


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Is this why Dave was awake at 3AM? Holding Lucy's head up while she was over the toilet?

just what you need. a drunken doggie.

wally world????

Victoria's Secret?

Trader Joe's or Whole Foods?

Woof Gang Bakery

Although, the dog food in back in made in England, so my real guess is the Queen's pantry at Buckingham Palace.

Does Lilly have a specialty store? Lilly's kitchen even has venison for dogs too. How about that. It's lean meat for a dog.

Gluten free?

Do you serve it in a toilet?

Nice blue shirt, BTW.

Won't that make Lucy a mosquito target?

The Chuck E. Cheese restaurant store?

Fairway? waldbaums?

i give up.

Pet Supermarket?

no doubt some booshy dog cafe...

won't cock-a-doodle brew lead to cock-a-poodle-poo?

Well, there aren't any naked people in the background, cooking meth, so it can't be a WalMart.

Did Jeremy Piven found it?

Woof Gang Bakery?

The "You Have Too Much Money" Store?

just read steve(the24guy) -

YES! it all makes sense now: Point B = Buckingham Palace!
Holy Royal Delivery Watch - will Dave be birthblogging??!

The Wine Shop

Dave's on baby watch? btw, I looked the doggie beer up and it's non-alcoholic. My dog Daisy would not be happy.

OK, nursecindy tells me her guess is Dave is on baby watch in London, so I'm going to go with Tesco.



Dave was called to London, because the Queen heard that he is an expert baby catcher.

Bodega Santa Bernardo.

Oh Great! Beer breath AND dog breath!

Well, I know for sure it isn't the place crossgirl and I set up on weekends, because we already have to constantly wash everything down, as customer's dogs walk up and pee while we splutter, and the customer's never notice their dogs are peeing on our feet, so we have chosen not to add doggy beer to our inventory.

If I have any beer on these weekends, she makes me go pee in other people's shops. Maybe it's one of their shops.

I really wish she would let me pee on the feet of customers with rude dogs, butt she is very refined.

UK? Can you imagine a drunk Jack Russel?

I'm the winin' dog,
Don't deny my name.
I'm the winin' dog,
And I don't deny my name, my name.
I'm the winin' dog, don't deny my name,
Pick it up and shake it like an old dead squirrel
I'm the winin' dog ...

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